Monday, October 15, 2012


I've drop before in love.
I've fall under my career before.
I've lose my friendship before.

All this had created a massive impact in my life.
How does it feels like to loses the girl you love the most?
How does it feels like to see a opportunity and you're not able to take it?

*sign* all these shall be a past tense in my life.
Bibi Lim is a past tense.
A wonderful past tense.

I will be moving forward.
1st aim is my career.
I'll do whatever thing to achieve my career~

As for love, let it be~
It comes when it feels like coming.

I will continue moving. I can't find a full stop in my life~
There will be no full stop~
I stand for something.

Sunday, July 8, 2012






Monday, June 11, 2012

I just want a Break!

Just finish one of my biggest project of the year, the Taiwan trip.
What's next?

> Saxophone cover.
> English Survey Report.
> Communication Law Assignment.
> Applied Photography- Panorama Shot.
> Father's day Production.
> Plural + Short film.
> Bboy Trailer
> Talentime Night Instrumentalists' Progress.
> NTV 7 Golden Award Workshop.
> Girl Style Dance Trailer.
> Life News Report.
> Midterm Exam!

I have 3 weeks to finish all this! Can I do it? 
I'm feeling so tired!
I'm just waiting for a break!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What is Love after Loved?

It has been more than 4 months.
I've never had a tendency to have love since my last failure.
What's the reason behind?
Why I didn't move on?
Am I still waiting for her?
This are those question that I question myself every single day.

What is Love after Loved?

Anyone knows the answer?
I've love someone so badly before and I realize that right now, I appreciate love more than before.
I know how hard is it to love and to be loved.
There's no right and wrong in love.
One wrong, both wrong.
I've seen and heard so many of my friends' relation problems.
And for all the problem they come with the same answer.
The answer is a question.
"Are you willing to GIVE and Take?"

I treasure LOVE. Do you?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

ME and YOU'ed!

Last night, I dream of her.
This morning when I'm awake I thought of her.
When I'm in college, my friends remind me of her,
While I was playing, I'm thinking of you,
When I'm online, I saw you,
When I wanted to talk to you, my brain stop me from talking to you,
When I look right at the bottom right corner of my screen, I realize it was May the 5th,
The day where I started in relation with you!
This explain one thing, my mind and action will automatically reminds me of you!

Seriously, I didn't notice it was 5th of May. Now that I know! I felt that I fucking missing you!
My dear oh dear Ex! I wanna ask " HOW ARE YOU?"

The 1st photo of me and you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This song is in my top list! Kinda meaningful to me^^
Sharing this out hoping that those that facing the same thing as me get to release all the pain by singing this.



April's Update!

Recently I really have so much hard time struggling to get through my daily life.
I've officially lost my relationship with the girl that I've loved for 4 years.
The worst thing was, it was on the 14th of February 2012, Valentine Night!
It took me around a month to pass through my tears.
I can say that now I'm feeling much better but somehow she's still in my brain.
I'm hoping that one day I can treat her like my old time good friend and not looking back at the pass.
This is my target.
On the other hand, my studies is not going well. 
I don't know what on earth have happen to me, but I do know that I need some motivation!
I'll seek for it.
Finance! This is a major problem for me now!
Millionaire before age of 30?
Hahahha, I may laugh at here but this is still going on!
I won't stop this ultimate dream of mine!
I'll keep going on!
As for family! I'll try my best to help! As for me family is always no.1!
Hahahah... I'm planing to go for more part time job to seek for opportunities!!
I believe that if I can control and manage such messy life of mine, I'm sure that I can mange my future!
I'll make it messier soon! Hahaha
I have to start to say no to branded stuff now!! hehehe.. (It's hard)
Okay maybe not totally but CONTROL..haha..
I'll get myself a present every three months once...
OMG!! After looking at my April's timetable!!! Hahahah
Scratch my head! It's so pack! Except for 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st!!! Any part time job to intro!!!
I need it hahaha...
Let's see what's on my list!
Yea! First on Casting!! For the first time in my life I'm going for casting, hope someone choose me!!!haha
Next class trip to Melaka, suppose to be fun, but!!!!! Where the hell is the commitment for participant!
I'm really mad as most of them turn me down.
This is one year once! Why can't you all sacrifice>.<
I miss so many things because of this trip and turn out seeing so many not attending!
EMOMO!!! hahah... Never mind ><
 YESH!!! the next one is PC FAIR 2012!! Anyone needs a laptop???
Find me!!! LENOVO is the best! Cause I'm using it!!hahahah
College orientation after that..hahaha
Time to see all the juniors!!! So darn excited!!haha
Wish that I can find new band members for my band!!!haha
By the way! Those that coming Tarc KL!!! Join Talentime Night!
It's time for you to shine in Tarc! hahaha
Lastly, I have a wedding performance at Kuantan. I'm required to dance!!! T.T
I'm a saxophonist and I'm required to dance!!! I don't want!
But for friends, okay la, just once..hahaha
April! Wao!!! Packed!!! Will keep myself busy!
And for my ex! Good luck in Japan!!! hahah... Remember to bring me for a tour in Japan when I get there..ahaha
Late post at night!
It's 12.19am and 5th of April 2012!

YuKee! Checking out!